"Manhattan" clear 6 mm swarovski beads bracelet and 1 Tahiti pearl



"Manhattan" bracelet 24 clear swarovski beads with a 9 mm Tahitian pearl round deep almond blue green color, mounted on an stretch bead cord and finished by a silver sterling round bead.
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Please contact us. Each pearl is unique each jewelry we make too, so please contact us to choose the pearl we have available to make a new model. Thank you


This bracelet is part of our "Manhattan Collection". It is made with clear swarovski beads mounted on stretch cord bead with one 9 mm round Tahiti pearl deep blue green color.

It is a fine urban, elegant and casual chic bracelet.

It can be used alone or with other bracelets.

Standard size

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Mounting: 24 clear swarovsky bead mounted on an stretch cord bead with oneTahiti pearl and finished by a silver sterling round bead 

​Pearls: 1 Tahiti pearl 

Quality: AA1

Size: 9.93 mm 

Color: Deep almond blue green

Shape: Round



  • Bracelet 1 Tahiti pearl round 9.93 mm deep almond blue green color strand with 24 clear 6 mm swarovsky beads
  • Natural Tahiti pearls
  • Certified authentic by the service of the pearl farming of Tahiti
  • Manhattan collection

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"Manhattan" clear 6 mm swarovski beads bracelet and 1 Tahiti pearl is not currently available.

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