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  • All of our Tahitian pearls undergo a quality inspection at the exit of the Polynesian territory. One by one, they are "X-rayed" in order to validate a minimum nacre layer 0.8 mm around the nucleus. This is a obligatory fee Audit Services and a quality authentication, and a certificate is issued by the service of pearl farming control expert of Papeete (government service). The CIBJO (International Office of Jewellery and Jewellery) is currently negotiating with Tahitian producers to establish a quality charter international classification. So the client has the guarantee to acquire a quality Tahitian pearl.


  • When purchasing a jewel, we always enclose a certificate of authenticity of the pearl of Tahiti and its description (size, color, shape, quality, etc.).




Our expert criteria of the Tahitian Pearl quality 

  • The Luster : The reflection surface of the light; It is the shine, the brilliant of the pearl.


  •  The Orient : The way the mother of pearl breaks down reflecting through the light from the aragonite crystals secreted around the nucleus. The Orient is the guarantee of high quality Tahitian pearl.


  •  The Surface : The spots gestation , as small as a sand grains, make each Tahitian pearl unique.


  •  The Size : The smallest Tahitian pearls from The oysters Margaritifera Pinctada, have a diameter of 7 millimeters. According to the quality label introduced by GIE Tahiti pearls, most Tahitian pearls produced are between 8 and 12 millimeters. Beyond the 13 mm, it is a rare Tahiti pearl.


  •  The Color : Despite the name of Black Pearl, Tahitian pearls can be cultivated with dark standard colors (black or gray) but can also be with a multitude of stunning colors from white to gray lunar, through the most shades surprising: Cherry, Peacock, Blue, Tahitian Gold, Tahitian Silver ...


  •  The Shape :The Tahitian round pearl, entirely symmetrical is the rarest. It represents 10% of the harvest. Their value is so much higher. Round Tahitian pearls, the most valued are used to make necklaces, earrings and rings. Other Tahitian pearls inspires us for creating more original jewelry, but they do not have less charms and values.


  •  The Pairing: This is the assembly of two or more Tahitian pearls. They are extremely difficult to marry because each Tahitian pearl requires years to be born.
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